Industrial cleaning of Potable water tanks

Sediment removal in drinking water tanks. The accumulation of sediment and dirt occurs naturally and spontaneously in large drinking water tanks. The cleaning service offered by AquaVac allows you to remove sediment and dirt without discharging the water. To solve the problem, we have robotic equipment operated by trained personnel that guarantees one hundred percent […]

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Civil works

Civil works (Shotcrete) We have the most advanced and effective technologies and procedures in the execution of large civil works. At AquaVac we have the solution for each case as required by the magnitude of the project. One of the most used materials in construction is concrete or concrete, which consists of a mixture of

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Boat Cleaning

Jet boat cleaning services Our specialized equipment allows us to operate over a wide range of pressure (1,000 to over 40,000 psi) and flow (4 to 60 gallons per minute). This provides a versatility that allows us to clean the bottom of boats of different sizes, effectively removing different kinds of dirt that tend to

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Cooling towers (Removal of calcifications)

Cooling towers (Removal of calcifications) Using a chemical, biodegradable, completely harmless to human health, we achieve total and absolute cleaning of calcified cooling systems, and the recovery of all their power. We have an amazing system to unclog pipes plugged by calcification. Miraculous recovery of cooling systems. Descaling of pipes Systems recovery. Radiator cleaning.

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Industrial Spray Paint

Spray paint & Coating (Industrial Spray Paint) The total reconstruction of an industrial system, in order for it to be completely renovated, entails this step as indispensable. It is the system we use to apply paint. always use the recommended product applied following the protocols. Total renovation. Recommended products. Professional application.

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Sewer cleaning

(Sewer Unclogging) Sewer cleaning (Sewer Unclogging) You’ve seen a more desperate situation than a clogged sewer. We have the solution. Our systems for unclogging pipes and circulation systems are very effective. We also use the piping jet cleaning system. Storm drains. Industrial sewer cleaning heavy materials.

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