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Aqua Vac Services Dominicana S.R.L.  12 years serving the Caribbean.

Industrial cleaning and maintenance, with technology and experience that guarantee optimal service.

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AquaVac Services Dominicana S.R.L.

At AquaVac Services Dominicana S.R.L.  water-blasting services help form the backbone of our extensive line of industrial services and capabilities. Our specialized equipment allows us to operate at a wide range of both pressure (1,000 to over 40,000 psi) and flow (4 to 60 gallons per minute). This provides a versatility that allows us to blast clean everything from storm drains, industrial sewer lines, and soft heavy materials to buildings, fans, ovens, stacks, tanks, heat exchangers, and condensers.

We are also able to remove hardened resins, scale, paint, coatings, concrete, and burned on residues with our higher- pressureunits. Ourrangeofwater-blastingcapabilitiesensures that AquaVac Services has the applications required to meet the needs of our customers. No other system offers the same level of versatility and performance in its capabilities and benefits. Our system is extremely advantageous for our clients in so many ways.

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To define ourselves with few words

The most advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment, specially trained personnel and more than twelve years of experience serving the industrial sector throughout the Caribbean, make our company an invaluable strategic ally.

Our Services

A brief summary of our main services.


Tank Cleaning – AquaVac services efficiently handle small and routine jobs, as well as complex, high-volume projects on tanks over 300 feet in diameter.


We have the solution for cleaning and maintaining fuel tanks without taking the electricity generation plant out of service


We have an amazing system to unclog pipes plugged by calcification. Miraculous recovery of cooling systems.


This system, instead of water, uses sand under pressure to remove corrosion and obsolete paint from structures prepared for painting.


It is the system we use to apply paint. always use the recommended product applied following the protocols.


Our systems for unclogging pipes and circulation systems are very effective. We also use the piping jet cleaning system.


Our specialized equipment allows us to operate in a wide range of pressure (1,000 to over 40,000 psi) and flow (4 to 60 gallons per minute).


Wet blasting, similar to dry blasting, is the use of an abrasive medium and compressed air to achieve the desired finish on a chosen surface.


Our service guarantees speed and safety in the construction, maintenance and reconstruction of metal structures.

Our staff is specially trained to intervene large metal structures.


We have the most advanced and effective technologies and procedures in the execution of large civil works.

At AquaVac we have the solution for each case as required by the magnitude of the project.


Our specialized equipment allows us to operate over a wide range of pressure (1,000 to over 40,000 psi) and flow (4 to 60 gallons per minute).

This provides a versatility that allows us to clean the bottom of boats of different sizes, effectively removing different kinds of dirt that tend to adhere naturally.


The accumulation of sediment and dirt occurs naturally and spontaneously in large drinking water tanks.

The cleaning service offered by AquaVac allows you to remove sediment and dirt without discharging the water.


Committed to quality

For more than a decade we have provided a comprehensive service to the industrial sector of the Caribbean.


Due to the nature and size of our projects, security is vital, we apply security protocols approved by international standards.


Each project is rigorously studied and planned to guarantee an execution free of errors and setbacks.


Time is key to measuring the success of the processes carried out.


Con el paso del tiempo hemos desarrollado procedimientos que facilitan la entrega de un servicio de excelencia a nuestros clientes.

Our Purpose

More than a decade providing industrial solutions throughout the Caribbean.

We wish to continue serving the industry of our countries, as a way of helping them to be efficient in the different products and services that they deliver to society.

The industry we serve is responsible for the high standards of living of modern society, and AquaVac Services Dominicana S.R.L.  is proud to be a part of it all.


The bigger the problem of your company, the bigger the solution we can offer you.

Look at our catalog of services and contact us to bring you the solution to the different situations that arise in the regular work of the industrial sector.

AquaVac Services Dominicana S.R.L. strives to build a long-term relationship with all of our customers. We aim to keep your industrial or commercial facilities productive and flawless! All this thanks to our industrial cleaning and preventive maintenance services with pressurized water, dust-free pressure and dry ice pressure systems. Cleaning of process pipes. Chemical cleaning and reconstruction of tanks.
As well as pumping and dredging of basins, lagoons and reservoirs.