Find here detailed information on each of the services we offer.

Tank Cleaning – AquaVac services efficiently handle small and routine jobs, as well as complex, high-volume projects on tanks over 300 feet in diameter.

Nuestra experiencia abarca cada diseño de tanque y tipo de material: crudo, productos terminados, materia prima petroquímica, aceite negro, asfalto, aguas residuales, agua agria y más.

Our service guarantees speed and safety in the construction, maintenance and reconstruction of metal structures.

Our staff is specially trained to intervene large metal structures.

Also in delicate jobs that require special attention to detail, such as large pipes for the circulation of fluids.

We have the most advanced and effective technologies and procedures in the execution of large civil works.

At AquaVac we have the solution for each case as required by the magnitude of the project.

One of the most used materials in construction is concrete or concrete, which consists of a mixture of a series of aggregates, additives and water which, when hardened, provide structural strength and resistance to your constructions.

The versatility of shotcrete is such that today we can find different techniques which are used according to the characteristics of the project.

But we also have the techniques, tools and trained personnel that allow us to carry out large projects, both new and remodeling or reconstruction.

Wet blasting, similar to dry blasting, is the use of an abrasive medium and compressed air to achieve the desired finish on a chosen surface.

However, unlike dry blasting, wet blasting uses a third element, liquid, to enhance the levels of surface finish that can be achieved. The benefit of including water is a much smoother and more consistent finish.

The total reconstruction of an industrial system, in order for it to be completely renovated, entails this step as indispensable.

It is the system we use to apply paint. always use the recommended product applied following the protocols.

Our specialized equipment allows us to operate in a wide range of pressure (1,000 to over 40,000 psi) and flow (4 to 60 gallons per minute).

This provides versatility that allows us to clean everything from storm drains, industrial sewer lines, and soft heavy materials to buildings, fans, furnaces, chimneys, tanks, heat exchangers, and condensers.

You’ve seen a more desperate situation than a clogged sewer. We have the solution.

Our systems for unclogging pipes and circulation systems are very effective. We also use the piping jet cleaning system.

Using a chemical, biodegradable, completely harmless to human health, we achieve total and absolute cleaning of calcified cooling systems, and the recovery of all their power.

We have an amazing system to unclog pipes plugged by calcification. Miraculous recovery of cooling systems.

The industrial electricity generator tends to reduce its efficiency and begins to fail frequently when the tank that supplies it with fuel, be it gasoline or diesel, becomes contaminated and loses power, due to excess sediment, water and dirt.

To solve the problem, other more serious problems often arise, such as the need to take the generator out of service and affect the productivity of the company.

We have the solution for cleaning and maintaining fuel tanks without taking the electricity generation plant out of service.

This system, instead of water, uses sand under pressure to remove corrosion and obsolete paint from structures prepared for painting.

We can remove hardened resins, scale, paint, coatings, concrete and burnt residue with our high pressure units. Our wide range of cleaning services guarantees to meet the needs of our clients.

No other system offers the same level of versatility and performance in its technologies and services.

Our system is extremely advantageous to our clients in many ways.

Our specialized equipment allows us to operate over a wide range of pressure (1,000 to over 40,000 psi) and flow (4 to 60 gallons per minute).

This provides a versatility that allows us to clean the bottom of boats of different sizes, effectively removing different kinds of dirt that tend to adhere naturally.

Our system can clean virtually anything, from storm drains, industrial sewer lines, and heavy soft materials to buildings, fans, furnaces, chimneys, tanks, and condensers.

The accumulation of sediment and dirt occurs naturally and spontaneously in large drinking water tanks.

The cleaning service offered by AquaVac allows you to remove sediment and dirt without discharging the water.

To solve the problem, we have robotic equipment operated by trained personnel that guarantees one hundred percent optimal results.

Our service is considered of social interest due to its importance for collective health.

The age-old problem of impossible-to-clean ponds led to disease due to the ineffective way in which these large tanks of stagnant water were maintained.

Our system allows absolute cleaning in a short time and without the need to empty the pond or waste precious liquid.